Why use an interior designer?

Great Interior Designers possess an extraordinary blend of skills - creativity and pragmatism, artistic flair and architectural discipline, holistic vision and an eye for detail combined with strong organisational and project management capability.

The benefits that you derive from engaging a professional Interior Designer are vast:

1. They work with you to create a home that enhances your lifestyle & wellbeing.

2. They deliver a coherent underlying concept that ensures that individual elements of the design are consistent with your overall brief and goal.

3. They work to enhance the functionality of your home to suit your lifestyle.

4. They can significantly enhance the visual asthetics and value of your home.

5. They can save you time and money through effective purchasing and avoiding costly mistakes.

6. They can push you beyond your comfort zone to achieve a home that surpasses your expectations and desires - asthetically & atmospherically.

Professional Interior Designers are trained and/or have experience in a range of projects and offer those skills to work with you on your brief, concept and ultimately the execution of your project.  A professional Interior Designer is a very good listener - they interpret your brief and work with you to execute your project.  A professional Interior Designer does not just "impose" their style on you - style is driven by the individual client's personality and needs.

Interior Design is a multi-faceted discipline incorporating:

Design - the base design of the interior of your home from determining the spacial layout and flow; the hard fit-out including flooring, lighting and kitchen & bathroom design.

interior design

Decoration - the "soft" elements of design that deliver a coherent scheme including colour, wall coverings, furnishings, art and furniture selection and placement.


Project Management - The discipline to manage a project from initial design to final implementation to deliver on time and within agreed budget.

Interior Designers featured in this directory offer combinations of these services with service offerings ranging from a full Interior Design Service through to a focus on decorative design and execution.

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