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Chrissie Moore, of Chrissie Moore Interiors, operates a retail showroom/studio from her townhouse at 41 Simla Avenue, Havelock North, and has been in the interior design business in the Hawkes Bay for the last 15 years.

Style: Classic with a contemporary twist - a simple mix that depends on both the project and the client's budget, which ideally relates to the architecture, with a natural flow from room to room.  No two projects are ever the same, so individual styles evolve.  Creating comfortable spaces, both aesthetically and physically depending on the client's requirements.

Design Decision: The first step is to find out about people who will live in the space, discover the atmosphere they want to create, favourite colours etc., develop a good working relationship, and then work with them to complete the project.

Colours: I tend to use the layering effects of natural colours, moody undertones allowing pieces of art, furniture, rugs to take the focal point, although stronger colours like black, red, orange, chartreuse, blues and greens are used for impact detailing.

Textures: leathers, linens, silks, natural fibres feature on our enormous range of bespoke furniture from classics to contemporary, chinese to french.

Projects: Predominantly residential, although have been involved on luxury lodges, corporate head offices, private hospital, holiday resort apartments and schools.

Our Services: Chrissie Moore, from Chrissie Moore Interiors can meet your every interior/exerior need from consultation to completion, including - interior design consultancy, colour schemes, extensive fabric library, making and installation of curtains and blinds, supplying furniture, reupholstery of furniture, supplying lighting, lamps and shades, providing accessories.

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