Selecting your interior designer

The designer & client relationship can be an enduring one. Selecting the right designer for you needs to be a considered process.

Before starting the process of selecting an Interior Designer, it is important for you to develop a clear brief for your project to provide clarity of your desired outcomes, the scope of the work you need assistance with and your budget parameters.

Interior Design projects can have a duration of a few weeks or several years.  The relationship between an Interior Designer and their client can become an enduring one.  Interior Designers are working with you to enhance your lifestyle and develop a home that suits your personality.  It is important to not only select an Interior Designer with appropriate capabilities for your project but also someone that you will enjoy working with.

Do your research before selecting your Interior Designer.  This website is designed to give you a summary feel for some of the leading residential Interior Designers in New Zealand.  You should do research beyond the summary information provided here.  Have a look at the Interior Designer's own website or similar information that is available.

designer & client

Check Interior Designer's backgrounds to determine if their qualifications and experience are appropriate for your project.  Are they formally trained?  Do they belong to appropriate professional bodies?  How many years experience do they have?  What is the nature of the projects that they have completed in the past?  These types of questions will give you a strong picture of the Interior Designers "hard" skills?

Find out also, what an Interior Designer is like to work with.  Ask for copies of their client testimonials and references.  Also, request referees that you can contact - recent clients that the Interior Designer has worked with - to build a picture of what they are like to work with.

Treat your selection process a bit like recruiting a staff member to ensure that your Interior Designer has the appropriate background, personality and fee structure to help you with your project.

You will find that most Interior Designers are flexible about the geographical location of projects that they will undertake.  It is important to get the right person or team for your project and although there are benefits to using someone located near you, most are experienced at working in a range of locations.

It is very important to have clarity of the terms of engagement before you select your Interior Designer.  You should have a clear understanding of the costs involved before you engage your Interior Designer.  Get clarity of the concept fees, design fees and product sourcing fees involved before you finalise your selection.