Unique wallpaper designs from Swedish company Sandberg

Wednesday 13 July 2016  |  Posted by: Rod Hanna

Internationally renowned for their wallpaper, Sandberg designs are works of art. The Swedish company is made up of a number of talented artists whose work reflects the care and detail put into every roll before they leave the factory.

Describing their product as 'Swedish wallpaper art', Sandberg's detailed craftsmanship is a trendsetter among the vibrant world of wallpaper.

The level of love and care that goes into the production of their designs is a testament to their philosophy that "the home is the starting point for well-being". And with a vast range of designs, there is something for everyone.

Sandberg wallpaper truly makes a house a home.

On its journey from the factory to the shop floor, Sandberg wallpaper passes through the hands of many talented people, each committed to quality and creativity.

When it comes to designing a new line, the Sandberg team are open to many kinds of inspiration. Traditional stylings from a particular country, a classic era in history, nature and seasons, are just some of the many motivators in Sandberg's inspirational collection.

Sandberg wallpaper kids room

Good things take time

The way Sandberg manufactures their wallpaper is unique. It may seem old fashioned but it shows the care and passion that goes into each and every roll they produce.

Compared with other manufacturers, Sandberg's wallpaper machines run at a much slower speed to ensure the detail comes out as flawlessly as possible. They also hand-paint the edges, carefully checking the quality of each roll before it leaves the factory.

Attention to detail is something each artistic member of the Sandberg team strives for.

Each design has a story of its own, and is hand-sketched by the qualified artists who bring this wonderful wallpaper into our homes.

We are so accustomed to purchasing mass-produced items from fast-working manufacturers. To find a company like Sandberg, who prefers to take their time and get things perfect is like finding a 'pot of gold'.

Sandberg wallpaper detailed

Timeless designs don't go out of fashion

Whatever the style, Sandberg wallpapers have a way of always being contemporary.

The artists behind Sandberg's creation are all passionate about the craftsmanship that makes their wallpaper so unique. Their understanding of home balance is reflected in every design that is brought to life in the studio.

Whether you want to cover the walls of an entire room, or whether you want to create a feature wall, Sandberg wallpaper offers a timeless expression of who you are and what you want your home to be.

Sandberg wallpaper timeless designs

Sustainable wall art

If there's one thing Sandberg believes in wholeheartedly, it's sustainability.

You won't find any nasty chemicals in their products, and they use a water base for all colouring systems.

This doesn't mean that Sandberg wallpaper won't stand the test of time.

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

The designers have discovered a way to create a premium product that doesn't require softening agents, PVS, fluorocarbons or chlorinated plastics.

It comes down to the strict focus on craftsmanship, rather than meeting numbers and targets.

When a product like Sandberg wallpaper is produced, time and effort simply outweighs the need to add harmful chemicals.

There is only one factory where Sandberg wallpaper is made; Ulricehamn, Sweden. This fact alone is enough to reflect the idea that what you are purchasing is as close to one-of-a-kind as you will get.

Swedish landscape

From the Swedish factory to the shores of New Zealand

Once completed, Sandberg wallpaper travels all the way from its Scandinavian origins to our little corner of the world downunder.

It's a long way to go, but it's worth it.

Injecting life into homes across New Zealand, Sandberg wallpaper has become a favourite in the New Zealand market. From stripes to floral, each range tells a story of inspiration and artistry.

With the ability to now purchase Sandberg wallpaper here in New Zealand, it makes it even easier to give your walls the attention they deserve. You will be amazed at the difference these wallpapers make to an otherwise lifeless room.

You can't go wrong with Sandberg wallpapers, so get in touch with a wallpaper retailer in your area, or find a designer here, and see how you can successfully incorporate these stunning wallpapers into your home.

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