The interior design trends to watch for 2017

Thursday 03 November 2016  |  Posted by: Rod Hanna

It feels like just yesterday we were talking about the upcoming trends for 2016, but it’s already time to check out what’s in store for 2017. And we’re in for quite a shake-up.

Much of what has been trending season after season is predicted to fall under the "what's out" category in 2017, so hold off purchasing that marble vase for now.

It's exciting to see some of the more unexpected trends push their way through as we embark into a new year. We will see a modern twist on some old favourites, and we'll be offered new ideas on colours and use of space.

Forecasting design trends can be an interesting business and comes down to a range of different factors. From consumer buying trends to following the works from designers around the globe, we can gauge what is likely to happen in the near future.

If change is as good as a holiday, then we're set to feel refreshed in 2017.

Here are some of the top trends we think will really take off in homes around New Zealand next year.

Couple planning interiors

Lavish beds and bed headboards

What could possibly be more inviting than a bed with lavish furnishings and a fancy headboard?

Not much, really.

Velvety headboards and duvets with the softness of a marshmallow are set to take off in 2017. We're talking the epitome of luxury, the kinds of beds we see in movies circa 1950.

Too much? Not at all. Beds for 2017 will be going big or going home.

As the bed is the main focal point in the bedroom, a luxurious headboard will be a standout feature. An Interior Designer has the knowledge and creativity that will ensure you find the right fabric and design for your bedroom.

Bedroom starting to look a little dull? A new bed headboard may be all it takes to inject some personality into it. Before you know it, you'll have a bedroom fit for a movie star.

Fancy bed head

Out with the cold, in with the warm

We have seen it on trend before, but terracotta will be incorporated into interior design in a much more modern way in 2017.

Terracotta tiles are expected to replace cold white tones as we shift into a phase where warm colours are favourable once again. We have seen huge popularity in using whites and cold colours in recent years, but it's looking to become a thing of the past once we move into 2017.

Think terracotta tiles against white and blue furnishings. That should take you right to the heart of Greece.

Terracotta colouring

Metallic finishes will complete your interior decor

Metallic finishes are set to be a hot trend in 2017. From warm gold and copper to cool chrome and steel, metal tones have a way of blending well with almost any colour scheme in your home.

We have seen the emergence of metallic finishes over the past few years and the good news is - this trend is here to stay!

Golden hues and copper tones are an increasingly popular way to add warmth. Whether it's a table top, fireplace or light fitting, these warm metallics blend well with wood finishes and make a wonderful focal point for lounge and living areas.

Silver finishes are still as popular as always, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Durable silver metals llike stainless steel and chrome now come in a variety of finishes from polished to brushed, and even small amounts can add a striking, cool touch.

No matter how subtle, metallic finishes add depth to a colour scheme and heighten the mood of a room.

Whether you're looking for a statement piece or you simply want to enhance your decor, seek advice from an Interior Designer who will guide you to find the right metallic finishes for your home.

Metallic light fitting

Technology-free 'nooks' use space creatively

In 2017, the nooks and crannies are looking to be the most favourable parts of the home.

Nooks generally have a sole purpose for the individual; to read, write, play or simply relax. Every home has the potential to incorporate at least one nook where one can escape and spend some quality time alone.

In recent years we have been all about open-plan living, and this is still a very functional use of space. But now we can use those high ceilings to create small mezzanines, or set up lounging stations in quiet corners.

If the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a 'nook' is for a computer, think again. In 2017, the purpose of the nook will be to escape technology and practice mindfulness.

Reading nook

Now that we're into the last quarter of 2016, it's exciting to see what's ahead for the world of interior design in 2017.

Sustainable materials, new colour schemes and new ways to use space are just some of the many trends we are seeing come to fruition, in homes across the globe.

It seems 2017 is taking steps away from the trends which have stuck with us for a wee while now.

If you're having trouble knowing where to begin incorporating some new ideas into your home, ask an Interior Designer help you out.

An Interior Designer comes with vast knowledge and prediction of trends and will know exactly where to start and what to expect when completed.

Call an interior designer today and embark on an exciting new year.


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