Are there rules in creating an eclectic interior?

Wednesday 07 December 2016  |  Posted by: Rod Hanna

Eclectic style is a clever way to encompass a variety of different colours, textures and shapes and bring them together with balance and cohesion.

Achieving an eclectic look in your home's interior is all about resisting the urge to follow one design style. Instead, it's about shaping each room in your home, into an interesting and dynamic space. It's your chance to showcase precious collectables and methodically mix and match different styles.

Eclectic style is a marriage of old and new, luxury and simple, bold and understated. And while this can sound a lot like a random dash of this and that, eclectic style still adheres to many fundamental rules of interior design.

We want to champion contrast without creating chaos.

The liberties of eclectic design mean there is no hard and fast rule about what needs to go where, just as long as you achieve unity in the finished product.

Eclectic decor lounge

Take on eclectic style with balance in mind

While eclectic style has a fair amount of freedom involved, it is not a free-for-all. It's important to understand the difference and to find balance in your approach.

Without balance, things can get a little messy. Follow these four tips to achieve harmony in your eclectic style.

Focal point - Using an eye-catching feature to establish a point of focus is a great starting point to build upon.

It could be a piece of artwork, a bold piece of furniture, a fireplace - whatever it is, it needs to be able to draw attention. With such a wide variety of decorative features, an eclectic room needs a focal point to tie it all together.

Layout - while trying to establish a good mix of eclectic décor, make sure you're creating a space that you genuinely want to be in.

Layout plays a huge role in the perceived comfort of a room, so take the time to map out where you think each piece of furniture should go, paying attention to their proportions.

Remember, it might be down to one item that turns a room from comfortable to cluttered. It's up to you to recognise when enough is enough.

Function - not everyone finds it easy to imagine the finished product when staring at an empty room. If you particularly struggle with this, use functionality as a starting point.

Think of what you want to use the room for and work from there. You're not creating a museum, you're creating a room that needs to be lived in. Let the room's function determine what can and can't go in there.

Consistency - consistency is key in many aspects of life. And in the case of eclectic interior style, consistency is vital.

Yes, eclectic style is all about variety but each room should still compliment the next in order to achieve a good flow throughout the house. To avoid seeming disjointed, your eclectic style should be reflected everywhere, not just one room.

Think of your eclectic interiors like pieces of a puzzle; each item should fit within the whole picture.

Eclectic kitchen and dining

Step out of your comfort zone

Inspiration is the foundation for eclectic style. Rather than following hot trends, eclectic style lets you showcase the items you've simply fallen in love with. Perhaps you have a habit of noticing valuable collectables, but haven't had a chance to show them off in the way they deserve.

You will need to take a few risks and find a way to blend contrasting styles and textures. It can be daunting, but you will love the finished product.

Stick with neutral backgrounds and treat them like a blank canvas to layer your furnishings and collectables on. Busy walls can make a room seem crowded before it's even furnished.

Eclectic bedroom design

Is eclectic interior design my style?

If you cringe at the thought of matching furniture and you're easily bored by simplicity, eclectic interior style could be right up your alley.

When done well, eclectic style can reflect your own self-confidence and personal flair.

The great thing about going eclectic is that you'll never see hints of your style in other homes. Originality and personal inspiration play too big a role for that to be a possibility.

The tree of eclectic style comes with many branches and it's up to you which angle you want to take. Whether it's elegant, quirky, vintage or rustic, you will know the style you want to achieve.

Eclectic living room interiors

Eclectic style can sometimes be tricky to pull together without experience. In fact, it's one of the hardest styles to master. But if you're after the 'wow' factor, it's worth contacting an interior designer to get it done right.

Interior designers have a natural talent for creating an eclectic look that avoids clutter and creates harmony.

Call an interior designer today and let them help you find the right balance in your eclectic style.