How to create bedroom design ideas your kids will love

Tuesday 27 September 2016  |  Posted by: Rod Hanna

A child’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s their space for imaginative play, quiet time, or to share with friends. It’s a room that channels who they are and what they love.

The more creative you can make a child's bedroom, the more chance they have to use their imagination. Fortunately, getting creative with kids' bedroom décor is easy and fun.

A child's bedroom is the one place in the house where it's absolutely OK to be completely different from the rest of the house. It's the room that should represent a child's mind and, above all, it should be a space children love to retrieve to.

Decorating a kid's bedroom is the perfect excuse to be as bold and brave as you want. Although carefully planned, your child's bedroom should reflect the carefree nature of childhood.

themed bedroom

Recognise bedding's decorative potential

As a bedroom's main feature, the bed is often the starting point for décor ideas and colours.

In the case of a child's room, it's best to avoid whites and light colours for the inevitable fact that a clean look is quickly ruined by sticky fingers. But with so many fabulous prints and colours available for children's bedding, your options are endless.

If you're planning on using a lot of detail in other parts of the bedroom, keep the bedding simple to avoid cluttering. On the other hand, if you're planning a more understated look to the rest of the room, go for gold and choose a bedspread that will really stand out.

girl jumping on bed

Storage can be exciting!

Typically, there is a limited amount of space in a child's bedroom, so making good use of it with effective storage is important.

A book shelf and dressing table are good starting points as these are necessities, but it pays to also think about storage that makes it easy to keep a room tidy.

If space is an issue, think outside the square. Drawers under beds can provide ample storage space while remaining neatly tucked away. Also, keep bookshelves and chests of drawers flush against a wall to optimise floor space.

Wall shelves come in all shapes and sizes these days and are a great way to showcase your child's favourite toys. Hexagonal, pentagonal, square, triangle, there is no hard and fast rule about what a wall shelf should look like - it's entirely up to personal preference and what you think teams up with the rest of the room's decor.

Above all, make sure it accessible for your child. They should be able to feel independent in their bedroom, not needing anyone else to get things down or open things for them.

storage in bedrom

Let them have some input

Here's where the fun really begins. The real design specialists here are the children themselves. Letting them have a say in what the room looks like is so crucial to ensuring they love the finished product.

Kids know what they love most, so try to incorporate this somehow. Think about what makes them excited. Do they like Music? Sports? Nature? Astronomy? Sit with them and discuss what they would like to see in their bedroom, no one will know this better than they do.

Better yet, let them help you piece it together. After all, it's important to listen to your clients.

Mother and child creating bedroom

Colour is important

Colour can be added in all areas of the bedroom whether it's the walls, the bedding, or the furniture. Most kids love bold colours, so play around with a combination of bold and subtle tones to avoid going overboard with bright colours.

If you're not able to go all out and paint the walls, it's easy to add colour other ways. Using colourful furnishings like cushions, rugs and bedding can give both colour pops and colour blocks, depending on the size of the furniture.

Children are naturally vibrant and therefore thrive in colourful spaces. Be a little more carefree than you would be in other rooms of the house and choose a selection of colours that reflect the fun of what it means to be a child.

orange and blue room

Liven up those walls

Your child's walls are like four empty canvases just waiting to be splashed with creativity.

If you're able to paint or wallpaper the walls, don't hold back. Everything can be changed or updated in the years to come, so embrace the here and now.

By now you will have a fair idea of what your child would love their bedroom to look like and whatever it is they have chosen, you can be sure to find wallpapers, wall decals, or wall prints that complement their ideas.

If you're going to display artwork or photographs, group them together in a gallery-style formation, rather than spreading them around the room. Update your child's wall features as they grow.

Final touches such as bunting and fairy lights can complete your child's wall decorations perfectly.

kids in bed

Creating a bedroom your child will love is a fun activity that you and your child can share. But if you want to be sure to do it right and you're not sure where to begin, contact an Interior Designer.

NZ Interior Designers have an amazing ability to combine creativity with functionality, which are two key principles when decorating a child's bedroom. They know how to optimise space without compromising on décor. Call an Interior Designer today and transform your child's bedroom into a space for fun and imagination.


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