How fashion trends inspire and influence home décor

Tuesday 30 August 2016  |  Posted by: Rod Hanna

The influential world of fashion extends further than what you see people wearing in the street. From colours and patterns to cultures and eras, fashion also greatly influences the interior design of our homes.

Fashion is ever-changing. Whether we're discovering new trends for the first time or revisting the style of another time, fashion has a way of keeping us on our toes. But there's one thing we can always be sure of: adapting fashion themes into our home can turn a lifeless interior into a unique and personalised space of our own.

The up-to-the-minute information now at our fingertips explains the colliding worlds of fashion and interior design. We no longer have to wait to read about the latest trends in magazines, we can find it online in a matter of seconds.

Fashion and interior design have never been more in tune with each other.

Some fashions come and go, others become timeless.

Here we look at the fashion themes that are commonly adopted in interior design and prove to be consistenly popular.

Fashion runway

The Mighty Jungle

We're all a little predisposed to the love of an animal print or two. Faux or real, animal prints have an air of cool about them and the desire to have them in the home and on the runway has never really faded.

Doucing the home in all things 'animal' is probably a bit much, as it would be with a full animal print outfit. But embracing your primal instincts can be brought out through accessories or wall art.

It may begin with a rug, a set of cushions, or a throw before you really get confident with animal prints. It's important to remember that animal prints are bold and often masculine so should be paired with warm colours to soften the tones.

Don't be afraid to discover the wild animal in you. The leopard will never change its spots, which proves that the animal print is timeless.


The Wild West

19th century Western America was an iconic time period where people were tough, resourceful and proud. The home was a haven, a place of comfort and rest. And today, this Western theme puts a unique stamp on interior décor.

Rolling into the Wild Wild West means rolling into a period of tassled suede, leather features, dusty coppers, and rustic American Indian feathers. These are just some of the features that collide with the fashion trends from this gun-slinging era.

In a time where an eclectic use of wood made up the interior of homes and social haunts, what seemed practical then is fashionable now. Wood features from floor to ceiling create a homely yet saloon-like feel, and western motifs such as cow and deer skin rugs are an ever-popular interior accessory.

Western cow hide

Influential Pop Art

Sometimes it's nice not to take things too seriously. We only need to look at a piece from Andy Warhol to realise that having a bit of fun with colour can have wonderful results.

Challenge the monotonous and bring some bright and bold colours into your home.

Pop art influence on interior design is much like that of fashion. The creative clashes and brave statements were all a product of an inspirational art movement that changed the way we thought about colour.

Those bubblegum pastels and sherbet hues have a place in the home for the vibrant-minded. Think of it like putting an outfit together; bursts of colour turn heads and refresh the uninteresting.

Pop art high heels

Sentimental Oriental

Standing the test of time like no other, the influence from the East presents itself time and time again.

Let's remind ourselves that the fashion from this part of the world was set centuries ago and continues to be as beautiful today as it ever was. You simply can't get more timeless than that.

But there is a wide variety of styles from the Eastern world and each can delicately add detail to your home. Features from traditional dress, to the exotic materials of South East Asia, the Orient has been a source of inspiration for both fashion and interior design for many years.

We are not only influenced by the East in terms of colour and furniture, but we are also motivated by their use of structure and space. Making the most of nature with large windows and having a minimalist approach to styling are some of the ways Asian-style interiors can evoke tranquility and calm.

Oriental bedroom

A Winter Wonderland

The clean, crisp look of white on white has been a fashion statement in out homes and on the runway for decades.

You may be thinking "but white's white". Think again. There are many shades of white and this can often be the most difficult colour to choose when deciding on interior paint colour.

White is striking, and using layering techniques with different shades and textures, can be like creating the perfect winter wonderland in your home.

There is something magnificent about being among snowflake tones while sitting next to a roaring fire.

Wolf in snow

Much like your dress style is your own, so too is your interior decorating style.

But if you would like some help getting your ideas off the paper and into the home, give an Interior Designer a call and bring your ideas to life.