Five stylish home décor ideas to soundproof your home

Wednesday 29 June 2016  |  Posted by: Rod Hanna

When decorating your home, it’s easy to overlook soundproofing. Blocking out noise can be achieved easily with style and flair using these home décor ideas.

Your home is the one place in your world where you are entitled to relax completely. However, nothing interrupts our rest and relaxation more than excess noise.

Whether it creeps in from the outdoors or thrives on empty surfaces, noise has a way of making us feel more tense than we realise.

A quiet home is calming and welcoming and finding ways to turn down the sound isn't as complicated as it seems.

You don't need to start adding foam panels to the walls to get peace and quiet. Here are our top five suggestions to soothe and quieten your home with some beautiful interior décor.

Improve your insulation

We know the more popular benefits of insulation are to minimise dampness and to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.

Comfort and health are two of the main reasons people choose to insulate their homes, but if you're battling with that street noise and you feel like you have tried everything to keep it out, the power of insulation should not be often overlooked.

When it comes to assessing the pros and cons of insulation, there are no cons to list. Insulation offers so much value and it is one of the most effective ways to create a healthy, quiet home.

When you insulate the walls and ceilings with some effective rotection, you will really notice the difference.

Soundproofing insulation

Add rugs to hard floors

Sound has a funny way of bouncing off whatever hard surface it can find. Wooden floors and open spaces are areas where sound has the freedom to fill a room quickly.

Wooden floors are a beautiful interior feature in a home and it's a crying shame to cover them with carpet. But it can sometimes sound like you're living in an auditorium.

If you're not a fan of the extra acoustics, add some contemporary rugs to the space. Rugs minimise the hard surfaces that sound thrives on and with the designs available now, they can really liven and complement a room.

The great thing about rugs (aside from their soundproofing value) is that they can be changed any time you like. Unlike carpet, rugs are a less permanent and more cost-effective option to covering hard floors and getting a new look.

Soundproofing rugs

Upgrade your windows

Wooden joinery can often be the culprit for letting noise slip through tiny cracks. You may not realise just how much exterior noise sneaks its way inside.

You can weatherstrip your windows to seal cracks and gaps, but upgrading your windows to double-glazing will bring big benefits to your home.

When you shut double-glazed windows, you quite literally shut out any unwanted noise from outside your home.

Retrofitting is easily done and the results are amazing. Not only will your home be warmer and dryer, but those sleepless nights listening to street sounds will be a thing of the past.

Soundproofing windows

Invest in some good, quality curtains

Quality curtains are not only a stand-out interior feature, they also absorb sound which helps to quieten your home.

When made from tightly-woven fabric, velvet or wool, curtains are a decorative sound-proofer. They absorb sound from inside the home, but they also help to reduce the amount of exterior noise from creeping in.

To maximise their effectiveness, hang the curtains high and let them drop right to the floor. Make sure they have a good poly-fibre backing and invest in a fabric that is dense.

Soundproofing curtains

Showcase your collection of books and wall art

Bookworms and art lovers, you're in luck! Your collection of books and canvases can now double as sound proofers, and the more the merrier!

Empty walls act as a spring board for noise. Bouncing from one empty wall to another, sound will fill a room quickly if nothing is done to tone it down.

Bookshelves and art work are beautifully decorative ways to minimise noise in your home. Don't waste all that space from floor to ceiling, gather up your books and start stacking.

If you're an apartment dweller and your neighbours are a little noisy, fastening a solid bookshelf to the wall will help to dampen the murmur between walls.

Soundproofing bookshelf

Lowering the decibels in your home sometimes requires a bit of creativity, and when it comes to soundproofing, we often overlook some simple additions that can make a huge impact.

For guidance on how to minimise the sound while maximising your home's interior décor, get a professional interior designer on board to help.

Interior designers have an eye for creativity and with their expert advice they can coach you through any upcoming interior design changes.

At N Z Interior Designers, we have a directory of friendly, skilled experienced and award winning interior designers throughout the country who can advise and help with your needs.

You can visit our Featured Designers or Find a Designer pages to locate an interior designer in your area.

You will  have the opportunity to look at their profiles and read a bit about their work, their style, and references and examples.




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